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For The Apostolic Church – Ghana, the month of March would not only be remembered as a month of Ghana’s independence but historically as the month in which The Youth Ministry was birthed.

On Saturday, 5th of March 2022, the Management of the Church brought to an end the operations of The Witness Movement as a wing. This is a significant shift to the commencement of The Youth Ministry which would strategically serve as a bridge between the Children Ministry and the Men’s and Women’s Movements.

Young people between the ages of 13 and 25 are required to join the Youth Ministry. This is to ensure that good attention and proper spiritual grooming are given to the youth. Besides, it would help curb the migration of the youth to other denominations because of the long absence of such a system to keep them in the Church. From the age of 26, members are expected to join either the Men’s or Women’s movement based on their gender. Graduates and professionals are also expected to join The Apostolic Professionals Network (APN).

The President of the Church, Apostle Dr. Aaron Ami-Narh when inaugurating The Youth Ministry, reminded the youth and the new leadership that the Church is expecting a revival. He emphasized that he sees the Youth Ministry as the instrument God will use to revive the Church from this time forward. He encouraged the leadership that they should not see their weaknesses but God’s strength in fulfilling their assignment.

Additionally, The new youth logo was unveiled by the Vice President, Apostle Frederick Agyemang. A Senior. Minister. Prof. Alex Edwards, who is also the Chaplain at the University of Education, was given the opportunity to explain the concept behind the logo. Snr. Min. Prof Edwards was credited for the concept of the logo and Deacon Samuel Atiogbey for putting the concept together into a design. Some youth and Ascension Ministers were present to witness this historic shift from the Witness Movement to the Youth Ministry.