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The President of The Apostolic Church – Ghana, Aps. Dr. Aaron Ami-Narh has charged the newly ordained ministers to be fully committed to the Spiritual responsibility that their calling has placed on them.

Reading the charge to 16 Pastors who  have now been ordained as clerical Pastors and two others pastors to the offices of an Apostle and an Evangelist , Aps. Dr. Ami-Narh said God has appointed them to shepherd his flock and feed them with knowledge and understanding, according to Jeremiah 3:15.

He cautioned the ordinands that their work borders on a tight pole of life and death for which God would hold them accountable as recorded in Ezekiel 3:18, ‘If you do not warn the wicked to turn from their wicked ways’, he said.

Aps. Dr. Ami-Narh said his charge to them was just as Paul did to Timothy in 1st Timothy 4:16 which admonished that – Take heed of yourself and to the doctrine, to continue in them, for in doing this they shall save both themselves and their hearers.

The ordinands accepted their charges and were ordained into their respective offices and prayed for to continue with their ministries.