Mission Statement


“To be at the cutting edge of Holy Spirit inspired change in the Church and society”.


“The Apostolic Church exists to belt the globe with the Gospel and make disciples of Christ who manifest the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit”.



Core Values

The Core Values guiding the execution of this vision areas follows:

  1. Holding the Word of God in high esteem
  2. Centrality of the Holy Spirit in all affairs
  3. Abhorring immorality
  4. Love for prayer
  5. Accountable stewardship
  6. Commitment to the welfare of members
  7. Honoring each other and valuing individual gifting
  8. Recognizing the significance of Women’s Ministry
  9. Respect and value for children as an integral and essential part of the Church
  10. Maintaining our unique Apostolic identity
  11. Sacrificial giving