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The Executive


The Executive of The Apostolic Church-Ghana is an Eleven (11) member Executive which ensures the implementation of decisions and policies of the General Council and the Council of Apostles and Prophets and act on their behalf when they are not in session.  

The Executive consist of:

  • The President;
  • The Vice President;
  • The General Secretary;
  • The International Missions Director (IMD)
  • The Internal Missions & Evangelism Director (IMED); and
  • Six (6) other Apostles or Senior Ministers elected by the General Council. 

The Executive may co-opt persons with the requisite expertise to assist in its meetings as and when the need arises, except that such persons shall not have voting rights.


The President, Vice President, General Secretary, and the

International Missions Director (IMD) and Internal Missions & Evangelism Director (IMED) are members of the Executive so long as they continue in their respective offices.

However, the six (6) other Apostles/Senior Ministers appointed by the General Council to be on The Executive shall serve for four (4) years and at the expiration of the four years, the General Council may renew their membership, save that there shall be no term limitation for Apostles or Senior Ministers appointed to The Executive.


The Executive shall ensure that all policies and decisions taken by the General Council are promptly implemented. In furtherance of this, the Executive shall also:

  • Ensure the implementation of the policies of the General Council and the Council of Apostles and Prophets;
  • Receive reports and minutes of all the Areas and ratify them on behalf of the General Council;
  • Attend to all policy issues of the Church in-between General Council and Council of Apostles and Prophets meetings and make recommendations for ratification by the General Council or the Council of Apostles and Prophets as the case may be;
  • Refer matters on Doctrinal Issues to the Council of Apostles and Prophets for interpretation or determination as and when necessary; and
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the General Council or under the relevant provisions of this Constitution.


The President chairs all meetings of the Executive 

  • The Executive holds quarterly meetings.
  • Emergency meetings may be convened at the instance of the

President or at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Executive signing a letter to that effect to the President.

  • The Executive formulates Standing Orders to regulate their meetings.
  • The Executive invites at least three (3) Prophets to be in attendance at all of its meetings.