To the Glory of God, the 4th General Council Meeting was successfully held at The Apostolic Church Resource, Retreat, and Conference Centre (TACRCRC) from 7th to 9th March.

This year’s meeting focused on evaluating Shift Agenda I and deciding on key strategies and directives for Shift Agenda II. The President of the Church, Apostle Dr. Aaron Ami-Narh, addressed the Council on the State of the Church, sharing a perfect picture of the Church’s growth and transformation over the past four years of the Shift Agenda I. He discussed the challenges and shortfalls, informing the reforms for Shift Agenda II to position the Church for success to reflect the glory of God.

The Shift Agenda II will focus on restructuring administrative areas, the Ezra Project, the retirement seed fund, and fundraising methods in addition to completing several essential projects, including The Nehemiah Project, The Apostolic Church Theological Seminary (ACTS), at The Apostolic Church Resource, Retreat, and Conference Centre (TACRCRC), and the Apostolic Church Agroforestry Program.

The Shift Agenda II also sets forth the Church’s firm stand on restoring the doctrinal health of the Church by teaching and ensuring that members take heed to the Church’s doctrines in 2024 and beyond. To achieve this, The Doctrine Watch Committee was empowered to act as the Church’s watchman on doctrinal issues.

The Church’s aim to raise 100,000 souls this year toward its mandate of “belting the globe with the gospel” was also a point of focus at this year’s council meeting.

The meeting was attended by 430 members from various categories, including Members of the Executive Council, The Council of Apostles and Prophets, Trustees of the Church, Area Superintendents, Senior Ministers in Active Service, Directors at the Headquarters, Area Staff Secretaries, Area Presbytery Secretaries, representatives of Area Women’s Movement, National Committees of the Men’s and Women’s Movements, National Committees of the Youth Ministry and Children’s Ministry, the National Committee of the Ascension Ministers Wives’ Fellowship (AMWF), the National Chairman and National Coordinator of the Apostolic Professionals Network (APN), Head of Campus Ministry Secretariat and all Campus Ministry Pastors, Rector of ACTS, and two (2) Apostolic lecturers of ACTS appointed by the Seminary/Board. Also in attendance were the Chairpersons of all National Standing Committees and representatives from each Area of the International Mission Fields.

The Apostolic Church-Jamaica and Benin was also in attendance, where TAC-Jamaica was represented by their General Secretary and Vice President whereas TAC-Benin was represented by their President and General Secretary. The meeting ended on the afternoon of 9th March 2024, leaving everyone feeling inspired and motivated to continue the work of God.

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