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The life and ministry of Jesus Christ were undoubtedly wrought with many signs and wonders. Some of these signs and wonders did not only bring relief to His immediate subjects but also eternal benefits to mankind, especially believers. At the very moment Jesus gave up His spirit on the cross, many spectacular things happened. One such compelling sign according to the synoptic gospels was the tearing of the veil in the temple from top to bottom- Matthew 27, Mark 15, and Luke 23. This was significant for many reasons including what is shared in this article. To summarize however was the fact that it brought an end to the era of discriminatory, restricted and segregated access to God. Unhindered and unlimited access to the father was now available to us.

Aside decorative purposes, curtains or veils are naturally and primarily used to conceal or cover items like gates, windows and others. What was been concealed by this temple veil? What was behind the veil such that its tearing apart is recorded and celebrated in Bible history even until now? Grace- infinite grace and its twin, called mercy, were veiled. There was hope and help abounding behind the veil. In fact, everything in God and what He represents, were all veiled. God was the treasure behind the veil; that even the vilest offender could now in repentance, have unhindered access to. The veil is torn indeed!

“And He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father- “- Revelations 1:6. By the tearing of the veil, we had all become priests- both the laity and clergy. It was priests, and specifically the high priest, who once in a year had a privileged access to what was behind the veil. If we all have unhindered access to the presence of God after the tearing of the veil, then we become a royal priesthood indeed- “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession…”- 1Peter 2:9.

The tearing of the veil again signified that Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross is sufficient and enough. Earlier attempts at propitiation, remission, reconciliation, redemption, and justification of man had hit the rocks. Obviously because the sacrifice or price required was not sufficient or fitting enough. But behold the sinless blood of Jesus; behold the substitutionary and sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. It paid every debt, and was sufficient enough to pave the way for access to the father. The blood of Jesus is enough; His death is sufficient enough to bail us and procure our eternal redemption.

Early Jewish tradition suggests the veil was 60ft high and 4inches thick. Matthew’s account actually reveals that the death of Jesus really exuded some powers. It can only be by such power that a veil of such dimensions could be torn without the help of any man. That same power is available and efficacious today. God in His own grace orchestrated and executed this so that uninterrupted relationship and fellowship can be restored with Him. The veil is torn; prophecy is fulfilled; the obstruction has been cleared; now “let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”- Hebrews 4:16.

Written By: Pastor Gideon Gyasi-Obodai

(Campus Ministry Pastor, APOSA_UCC)

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