Leadership of The Apostolic Church-Ghana inaugurates 15 National committees

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The leadership of The Apostolic Church-Ghana led by the President Apostle Dr. Aaron Ami-Narh, has inaugurated 15 National committees of the church.

A total of 150 noble and gifted members of The Apostolic Church-Ghana were inaugurated and oriented to contribute their skills and passion to various essential committees.

These committees include Legal, Marriage, Literature and Editorial, Ethics, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Men’s Movement, Women’s Movement, Audit, Health, Music, Procurement, Finance, Seed Money, and the Apostolic Professional Network (APN) Steering Committee.

During his address, President Apostle Dr. Aaron Ami-Narh delivered a powerful message, urging all committee members to prioritize their service as working for God rather than seeking personal recognition. He emphasized the importance of fulfilling their assigned responsibilities diligently, recognizing that while they may not be able to complete the entirety of God’s work, they must complete their specific parts of God’s work with excellence and devotion.

The leadership of the Church congratulates all members on their willingness to serve God with their all.

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